babbbynyx interview

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Today we interview babbbynyx! She is a college girl who considers herself very naughty and likes to be capricious. She offers all kinds of fetish and custom products. Her curiosity made her enter the world of Secret Panties and now she has been with us for a while. Find out what she tells us!

babbbynyx interview

Hi, I’m babbbynyx, a 21-year-old college girl who sells panties and other kinky fetishes more than anything haha.

How did you find out about Secret Panties and what did you think about this business?

Well, it’s a funny story, I got to know the world of selling fetishes because of a joke from a classmate. That’s when my curiosity awoke and I decided to investigate, I found the Secret Panties website and subscribed… It seemed like a curious world and a fun business, especially because I enjoy talking to people and, well, earning money.

How long have you been in Secret Panties? How do you see yourself in a few months?

I am going to celebrate one year on the web, I am very happy because it has allowed me to have great opportunities that would not have been given otherwise. In a few months, if all goes well, I will be an erotic model, what a thrill!

What are you like outside of Secret Panties? And how do you combine this?

Outside of Secret Panties I am a normal 21-year-old girl, I dedicate myself to study, study and continue studying so I balance it by giving myself hours to answer messages, take photos, upload products and well, a little leisure is not bad either.

How would you define your experience in 4 words?

Curious, funny, spicy, productive.

Do you share this experience with your friends or family? Do they know you are on our platform?

I only share it with my closest friends, in fact they have also joined the platform after seeing how well it has gone so far, we are all trying our luck in the world to see how it goes hahahaha.

What would you say to saleswomen who are starting out or have doubts about selling?

That they are encouraged to ask and that they are not ashamed, that they look at the blog, talk to other sellers and above all that they are not easily deceived… Without money in the account that they do not send anything.

She awaits you on her profile!

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