Todo sobre el deseo sexual en Secret Panties

All about sexual desire and how to increase it

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We live in a society that constantly tests us with stress and exhaustion, and this can greatly affect our sex life. Fetishes are not just a fantasy, but they allow you to bring your sexuality to life and increase your sexual desire. Here we present everything about sexual desire.

What is sexual desire?

sexual desire, also known as libido, is a fundamental aspect of sexual and emotional health. It is about the energy that drives us to seek sexual and emotional satisfaction. However, this desire can fluctuate due to various factors, and sometimes it can decrease or even disappear.

Why does sexual desire disappear?

There are numerous reasons why sexual desire may decrease. Some of the most common include stress, lack of sleep, certain medications, health problems and emotional conflicts. In many cases, a combination of factors can contribute to a decreased sexual desire.

How to increase sexual desire?

Fortunately, there are several ways to increase sexual desire. Here we present some strategies:


Nutrition can have a great impact on our sexual health. Aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate, oysters and avocado can help stimulate sexual desire, whether you seek to recover it individually or enhance it with your sexual partner.


Regular physical exercise can improve blood circulation, which can increase libido. Additionally, exercise can increase self-confidence and body confidence, which can improve sexual desire.


Open and honest communication with your partner about sexual desires and needs can help strengthen intimacy and increase sexual desire.


Sleeping well is crucial to maintaining energy levels and sexual desire. If you are exhausted, your sex drive is likely to decrease.

Explore your fetishes

One way to regain or increase sexual desire is to know and explore what really turns you on. Many times, for fear of being judged or of the unknown, fantasies are not explored and the result is unsatisfactory sexual relationships that reduce sexual desire. Therefore, experimenting, trying and knowing what you like is a way to recover your sexual desire.

In short, there are several reasons why sexual desire can be lost but there are also several ways to recover it.

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