Bunny Noir interview

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In today’s interview, salesperson Bunny Noir explains who she is and what her experience at Secret Panties has been up until today. Bunny Noir is a 23-year-old girl, simple, flirtatious and a university student. But we better let her tell you…

Bunny Noir interview

What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define yourself? Introduce yourself and say why you think they should meet you.

I am a young girl, I study at the University and I work on weekends, so I never stop… I am an active, smiling, outgoing girl and I have always had a horny mind, a tendency to masturbate daily and imagine hot situations that, when I can, I make them come true 😉 Why do I think you should know me? The truth is that I am very bad at selling myself but… I assure you that once they try something from me, they will not be able to stop repeating themselves 😉

How did you find out about Secret Panties and what did you think about this business?

I had already heard about this fetish a long time ago, I wanted to try it but I thought that everything would be a lie or that it would not be successful. Secret Panties was the first page that appeared when I searched and… it was hard for me to launch but when I did, this whole world exceeded my expectations. It freaks me out to fulfill fantasies and become the desire of many men.

How long have you been in Secret Panties? How do you see yourself in a few months?

I have been on the page since November 2019. In a few months, of course, I will continue here and I hope for a long time. I don’t see myself out of this world anymore, I would miss him a lot.

How has your experience at Secret Panties been so far?

Very good. I have been very lucky and almost all buyers who have contacted me have been serious guys who value my time. For my part, I have always tried to be professional as well as close. In this way I have managed to keep many clients who are already regular and whom I am very fond of. The same with my colleagues, when I arrived and asked some of them for help, they were delighted to help me, it is very appreciated when we are able to help each other and not see constant competition 🙂

How would you define your experience in 4 words?

Pleasure, fun, curiosity and money. I think it’s a very good combination.

What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

What I sell the most are panties because I really wet them a lot in my day to day and my regular customers buy them very often. Also because being a very busy girl with studies and work, I have less time to take personalized photos or videos, but when I have time I access it, although I enjoy it less, since I am a perfectionist and I always find fault, hehehe.

What do you like most about selling at Secret Panties?

Without a doubt, used underwear because each garment is unique. It makes me very morbid to know that someone is eager to find out what my aroma is like and even savor it. The whole process excites me, from the moment I buy lingerie and take photos for advertisements until the moment they ask me and tell me how they want them, I prepare them with a lot of passion and care until I pack and send them . Finally, it is very satisfying when clients receive my panties and tell me that it is exactly what they wanted, it makes me very happy to know that they have had a sexual experience with a garment that has been impregnating me for days.

What would you say to saleswomen who are starting out or have doubts about selling?

I would tell them the first thing, that the most important thing is to be themselves, that they do not copy profiles as is (I have seen a lot of copy and paste), that they work it out and write their own profiles and advertisements, because copying seems to me a lack of respect towards someone who has spent their time working on their profile. The second thing, that they are prepared and have patience, is not to arrive and kiss the saint and you have to be very careful with scammers, although over time they are detected in the first sentence. For the rest, I’m sure that both me and my colleagues are delighted to help the new girls 🙂

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Saleswoman Bunny Noir.

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