Premium account verification

Premium account verification

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To become a Premium Seller on Secret Panties, it is necessary to complete the account verification process. This process is essential to ensure the quality of sales on our platform and to protect both sellers and buyers.

How does account verification work?

To become a Premium profile, you must go to this link Premium seller account verification consists of reviewing the personal information provided to Secret Panties to confirm the seller’s identity. In addition, a verification of the seller’s bank account is required to ensure that payments are made correctly. Remember to enter your bank details by going to Menu > More options > Settings > Seller.

Once you have chosen which plan to sign up for (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly), make the payment. When we receive your payment and check that everything is correct, your account will be activated.

How long does account verification take?

The verification process is usually immediate, although it may take a few days depending on the number of applications we have at the time. Please make sure you provide all the necessary information correctly to speed up the process. In case your account is not activated or takes too long, don’t worry, we will be working on your request as quickly as possible! Even so, if you have any doubts or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us via the platform chat or email

In short, the verification of your Premium account is an important step to become a Premium seller on Secret Panties. If you want to enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a Premium seller and increase sales of your sexy photos or fetish shop, make sure you fill in all the necessary information to complete the account verification process as soon as possible.

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