Start selling fetishes

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The sexual revolution on the Internet has allowed us to reach the point where we can sell and buy our fetishes, if you want to know more you can see our post on “The most common fetishes”.

At Secret Panties we offer the possibility of selling several of them, so if you are new to this world, here is a list of the most important tips when starting to sell fetishes online:

  • Patience
  • Privacy
  • Forecast
  • Anonymity
  • Multi platform
  • Dedication
  • Security
  • Patience

First of all you have to take into account that it starts from below. You will have to create your personal brand and learn to sponsor yourself to attract attention, think about what can you offer new to the market? What sets you apart from the competition? How do you want to be recognized? What can you stand out with? Try to focus on one thing instead of trying to offer everything.


Make sure before starting that you have an alias and that the payment methods do not contain your personal information. It is recommended to use anonymous chats such as Kik or Telegram (remember to make your phone number private) and if you use WhatsApp it is better to use a different number than your personal one. Better to avoid than to regret an extortion.


You should keep in mind that being digital sales they can try to scam you to get free content, therefore, it is important that you remember the “P2P” or “Pay to play” rule, in Spanish “Pay to play” which means that if you do not have the money in your account do not send anything.


If you are not sure that this is your thing, it is better to try without showing the world. This way you avoid your image being directly associated with you and you generate more morbidity… Who are you? Only you will know.

Be multiplatform

By creating a personal brand that distinguishes you from the rest you can start playing, move and discover social networks. Some you can try are: Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.


This is not an overnight thing, you will have days where you sell a lot and slower days. Don’t let that put you off! Everything is based on persistence, remember that Rome was not built in a day.


If you are an insecure person with yourself, keep in mind that in this world you will not only explore your sexuality but that you will gradually realize how your self-esteem rises because for everyone… Colors!

NOTE: These tips are from the seller babbbynyx. What better than having first-hand information!

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