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Do you think you have a great story to tell about your profile on Secret Panties or your experience in the fetish market? Do you think you can advise and help new additions? If the answer is yes, from Secret Panties we want to meet you! A new profile promotion section has arrived among the articles on our blog.

Profile Promotion

The blog is a page where you can find not only articles with useful information about the fetish market, but also the best tips for selling your products and fetish store, whether physical or digital content. There are more informative articles, others claim to offer more advice, and others deal with curiosities on the subject of fetishes and sex. In short, it is a very valuable tool.

For this reason, we believe that a good way to transmit this advice and knowledge is through other vendors with more consolidated experience and trajectory. These profiles can tell your story in the world of sexual fetishes and advise other users. Also, it’s interesting to know different stories from people like you! So, with all this, we are going to create a small section with articles in our Secret Panties profile promotion blog. Articles in which you can learn more about the person behind the Secret Panties profiles, their story, the best moments they have experienced and the advice and learning they can offer.

But what about you? If your story and profile appear on our blog, you will gain more recognition and increased visits to your profile, not only among current buyers of Secret Panties, but also potential buyers interested in your profile.

If you are interested in promoting profiles like yours, follow these steps:

  • ✉️ Write us an email at
  • 💬 From subject to email indicates “Promotion of profiles on the Secret Panties blog”
  • 👆🏼In the message, indicate your interest in conducting an interview to promote your profile on the blog
  • And ready!

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