The findom or financial domination

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Findom, also financial domination, is a practice that has become very fashionable lately. Today we are going to tell you what it is, how it works and how to sell it at Secret Panties.

What is findom?

There are people who are put in control of their income and someone else enjoys all the fruit of their labor but it is not based on just receiving, you must also give. The practice of findom is a fetishist game that consists of controlling this income in exchange for fulfilling fetishist games.

How to sell it in Secret Panties?

In exchange for fulfilling your most extravagant whims, you must be the “bad cop” demanding that he give you more and more continuously and earning his money. Normally it starts by giving you a small amount of money that you can spend, a small test of everything you can achieve.

You have to keep in mind that what these people like the most is that you ruin their checking account. What they get is listening to you and giving you what you want, you shouldn’t be good but once they try your attention they will always want more and more, you become his drug.

Keep this in mind before practicing it:

Even so, not all of us are worth the findom, it is a practice that requires a lot of psychology and time. It has become so famous that it has lost its prestige a bit. In the same way that not every mistress is worth it, nor is every submissive good. It is possible that you find people who want to practice but are not willing to give everything and it is normal, we all want to experiment.

Remember that morbidity is what moves us the most… From the sensuality of the practice you can dominate and have all the submissives you want, will you be able to?

If it catches your attention, post your ad on our Secret Panties website and wait for a submissive to contact you. However, remember to let them know that it’s your first time, communication is essential in these practices so you’ll avoid problems and generate more morbidity.

We invite you to look at our blog, you have interviews, more fetishes and tips to make your experience the best.

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