Historia del fetiche de la ropa interior usada

The history and evolution of the used underwear fetish

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In the fascinating world of sexual fetishes, one of the most popular and mysterious is the used underwear fetish. Throughout history, this fetish has evolved and has become a practice that arouses curiosity and fascination in many people. In this article, we will explore the history and evolution of this fetish, from its origins to its popularity in the modern era.

The origins of the fetish

The used underwear fetish has its roots in ancient traditions and beliefs. In ancient cultures, it was believed that intimate garments preserved the energy and essence of the person who wore them. These beliefs contributed to the development of rituals and practices involving the use and veneration of used underwear.

The Victorian era and the sexual revolution

During the Victorian era, sexual repression was prevalent and it was considered inappropriate to openly discuss sexual desires and fetishes. However, at this time the first signs of the commercialization of used underwear also emerged. Some women began selling their underwear to men who were looking for a more intimate and personal experience.

With the advent of the sexual revolution in the 20th century, the used underwear fetish experienced a surge in popularity. Sexual liberation and openness to new sexual practices allowed this fetish to come to light and become a form of sexual exploration and expression.

The impact of the internet

With the arrival of the Internet, the used underwear fetish found a new medium for its dissemination and commercialization. Numerous websites and online communities dedicated to this fetish emerged, such as Secret Panties, where people could buy and sell used underwear safely and discreetly.

Current popularity

Nowadays, the used underwear fetish has gained great popularity and acceptance in society. Many people find arousal and pleasure in the sensuality and smell of used underwear. This fetish has evolved to become a thriving market and a form of intimate connection for those who participate in it.


The used underwear fetish has come a long way throughout history, from its ancient roots to its popularity in the modern era. As society continues to evolve and accept new forms of sexual expression, it is likely that this fetish will continue to grow in popularity. The history and evolution of this fetish shows us that human sexuality is diverse and that each individual has their own preferences and desires.

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