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The history of fetishes

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One of the most intriguing topics is being able to learn more about sexual culture and how it has evolved over the years. A part of this culture that has always interested is the evolution of fetishism. From ancient Greece and Rome to the present day, fetishes have been an important part of human sexual life.

Fetishes in ancient Greece and Rome

In ancient Greece and Rome fetishes were socially accepted. Specifically in Greece, men used to worship statues of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. In Rome, men worshiped Priapus, the god of fertility, and wore amulets with his image to attract luck. However, the evolution of fetishism was changeable.

The evolution of fetishism in the 20th century

Society evolved and fetishism hand in hand. In the 20th century, fetishes became more private and less socially accepted. People began to explore their sexuality in private and sometimes in secret. Finally, the internet arrived and fetishes began to be, again, socially accepted.

Fetishism in contemporary popular culture

Today, society accepts fetishes more than ever. Thus, popular culture, music or fashion began to introduce them into their aesthetics. High-heeled shoes, sexy lingerie, and sex toys are some of the most common fetishes in popular culture.

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