El papel de los besos en la excitación y los fetiches sexuales

The role of kissing in arousal and sexual fetishes

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A kiss is not only an expression of love or affection, but can also be a powerful tool of excitement in the world of sexual fetishes. That is why today, on the occasion of World Kiss Day tomorrow, in this post we will talk about the role of kissing and the importance the can have when exploring fetishes.

Kissing as a sexual stimulus

Kisses can be a source of excitement in themselves. The mouth is an erogenous zone, and kisses can awaken sensations that trigger sexual desires. Not only is it a passionate kiss, but it can also be a soft kiss on the neck, a bite on the lip or a wet kiss on the ear. Variety and imagination are key to use kissing as an exciting tool in foreplay.

Kisses in various sex fetishes

In the world of sexual fetishes, kissing can play an important role. For example, in foot fetish, a kiss on the foot can be a source of excitement. Or in BDSM, a kiss can be a form of domination or submission, depending on the context. Ultimately, kissing can play a crucial role before, during and even after exploring sexual fetishes.

How to use kisses to excite

Kissing can help discover which parts of the body are most sensitive to lip touch, and can be a way to create an intimate connection with the partner.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate kissing into your sex fetish exploration:

  1. Explore different types of kisses: Not all kisses have to be passionate and on the mouth. You can try soft kisses on the neck, bites on the lip or wet kisses on the ear. Experiment to find out what kind of kisses excite you the most.
  2. Use kissing to build sexual tension: Kissing can be a great way to build sexual tension during foreplay. You can start with soft and slow kisses and progress to more passionate and fast kisses.
  3. Talk to your partner about your kissing preferences: Communication is key in any aspect of sexuality, and kissing is no exception. Talk to your partner about what types of kisses you like, where you like to be kissed and how you like to be kissed. Talking about your tastes and fantasies can also be exciting.

Remember that not everyone can be comfortable with the same types of kissing or kissing on certain parts of the body. Therefore, it is crucial to talk about this with the partner and respect their limits.


The kisses are a versatile tool in the sexual repertoire. They can be a source of excitement, an integral part of sexual fetishes and a way to explore and connect with the partner. So the next time you find yourself in an intimate moment, don’t forget the role of kissing.

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