Psicología detrás del fetiche de la ropa interior usada

What psychology says about used underwear fetishism

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Psychology is a fascinating discipline that seeks to understand and explain human behavior. In the case of fetishes, there are various psychological aspects that can help us understand why some people develop specific attractions or preferences. In this article we will explore some of these aspects and how they relate to used underwear fetishism.

The influence of childhood

Early childhood is a crucial stage in the development of sexual preferences and fetishes, which may have their roots in early experiences. According to psychology experts, sensory stimuli and emotional experiences during childhoodcan influence the formation of fetishes. For example, a child who associates a certain object or material with positive or arousing sensations may develop a fetish for that object in adulthood.

Cognitive aspects and associations

The human mind is highly complex and full of associations and connections between different stimuli. Some psychological theories suggest that fetishes may arise from cognitive associations between pleasurable experiences and certain stimuli. These associations are formed through conditioning, where the brain learns to associate a neutral stimulus with a pleasant or arousing response. Over time, this association can become an ingrained fetish.

A specific case: the fetish for used underwear

One of the cognitive aspects that can influence this fetish is the association between underwear and sexual arousal. Through conditioning, the brain can learn to associate worn underwear with pleasurable or arousing sensations, which can lead to the development of a fetish.

Additionally, the psychology of power and submission can also play a role in this fetish. As in BDSM, the fetish for used underwear can be related to the exploration of power and submission dynamics. When wearing or possessing another person’s used underwear, there may be a feeling of control or dominance, while for the person handing over their underwear, there may be a feeling of submission or surrender. These dynamics can be attractive to those seeking to experience different roles and emotions in a consensual and safe context.


In summary, psychology can explain the used underwear fetishism through cognitive aspects such as association and conditioning, as well as through the exploration of power and submission dynamics. It is important to remember that fetishism in itself is not a disorder or problem, as long as it is developed in an ethical and consensual manner between all parties involved.

In conclusion, fetishism is a complex phenomenon that can have roots in different psychological aspects and is a normal and valid part of human sexuality.

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