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Role play for sexting

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We know that many of you do sexting and that it is something that buyers really like, in today’s post we give you some ideas about role-playing games that you can use 🥵

First role for your sexting: domination and submission

There are people who love to assume these roles, they don’t want a specific story, nor do they have a staged fantasy, they just want to feel that in the game they have a dominant or submissive profile. First you have to talk to the other person about the role that she prefers. If you prefer the dominant role, you simply have to go with the flow, and adapt to the other person’s communication. On the other hand, if he prefers the submissive role, you have to take command of the conversation.

Teacher and student

Perhaps one of the most typical role-playing games for sexting, but… what a fantasy! This type of game can be a lot of fun. You can imagine that you are in the same class and you are sending each other hot messages in front of the rest of the students, or you can imagine what you would do in the science classroom or in the locker room showers. There are times when exams need an extra review, and you have to go through the office… 🙄 The possibilities are limitless.

Perfect strangers

Since you are… why not put yourself in this situation? You can be two people who have contacted through an app to flirt, but now you have to imagine what will happen next. You can assume totally fictitious roles and ask more personal questions, for example, employment, studies or family. Think that you will be playing a character, the information you give does not have to be true. Then you can imagine what a date would be like, or how it would end rather. It could be said that this game leaves room for improvisation and, above all, for imagination.


Just like the teacher-student fantasy, this is one of the most popular role-playing games. You can imagine having a hot conversation while you are surrounded by other people in the office, or what you would do under the table in a meeting. It can also be game to imagine a meeting in the bathroom, in the library or meeting room, not to mention private offices. It also depends on the job, because this case can be the same in a laboratory, in a hospital, in a clothing store or even outdoors.


Hospital sexting

What will the hospitals have? Or will it be the uniforms? Either way this game is fun. There can be a thousand hot situations in this place, and you can imagine everything you want. It could be the case in which a patient needs to raise the temperature, or maybe there is just a game of looks between doctor and patient… You could also work together. Who knows? there are so many possibilities.

We also recommend that you talk to the buyers to know where to guide the conversation and the game. That is to say, that they explain to you at the beginning what fantasy they have and how they would like it to happen. In this way, the conversation comes out more natural, more fluid and above all, you will be able to control the situation at all times. You can also discover more in depth what a sexual fantasy is and the most common myths and fantasies.

We hope you liked these ideas for your sexting and let us know if you put them into practice, or if you want a part two. ✌️Find more information in our blog.