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What is a sexual fantasy? Common myths and fantasies

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Who has not ever been aroused by imagining an erotic scene or situation, even though it may be morally and socially questionable? Surely we have all had at least once a sexual fantasy!

But do we really know what it is? A sexual fantasy is a deliberate pattern of ideas, as if it were a mental re-enactment or representation. The goal of fantasy is to create or enhance sexual feelings. They are based on mental images that a person considers erotic.

They are images related to the erotic of the senses, with the forbidden. Most of the time we do not dare to confess them and they have a very exciting component.

Some of the false myths of sexual fantasy

Today, we still find women who feel ashamed or have a feeling of guilt for having sexual fantasies. Some even think that if she has fantasies, she is committing infidelity. That is not true, you can have fantasies even if you have a partner!

Having sexual fantasies does not mean that we are not sexually satisfied either. It is not a cause-consequence. In fact, in sexual therapies, fantasies are a subject that is worked on, especially for those couples in which there is low sexual desire.

Finally, it is also common to come across fantasies that you do not want to come true. What’s more, if these fantasies were to come true, they would completely lose the stimulating effect they had. It is better not to turn most fantasies into a reality, whether for this reason that we have discussed or because they are unacceptable according to your criteria.

The real guilty of sexual fantasy: our brain

Our brain is very powerful and is primarily responsible for our sexual fantasies. A sexual fantasy can be anything from a lengthy mental story to flashes of sexual imagery.

With a sexual fantasy we can go from having a simple excitement, to an orgasm! Each person has their sexual fantasy, therefore there can be thousands of fantasies and very diverse possibilities. Imagine if we are approximately 7.7 billion people in the world, because there can be more than 7.7 billion fantasies!

For men

However, for men it coincides that in their sexual fantasies they have control of the situation and sexual capacity. Some of the most common fantasies in men are:

  • Having sex with a partner other than yours.
  • Having sex with a threesome, and in some cases within a group (orgy). The sex of the people who meet does not matter, but normally these fantasies tend to be better in the imagination than reality.
  • Having sexual relations with other men. It may be that they are also straight men and it is not another relationship of sex without affection.
  • Having relationships with ex-partners.
  • Having relationships in unusual places.
  • Feet are a fetish that many men have. They are also valued if they have painted nails, a tattoo, rings…

For women

As for women, fantasies are usually similar but last longer and tend to focus more on romantic relationships. The most frequent are:

  • Having sexual relations with a different partner than usual. Sometimes it can even be a close person (friends, coworkers,…). The closer, the more forbidden and the better.
  • Scenes with mythical strangers. Sporadic relationships with a lot of sex and then they never see the mysterious person again.
  • Having sexual relations with another woman. Although they are heterosexual, they also feel this curiosity.
  • Recall other sexual experiences that you have had in the past.
  • Being seen while having sex with your partner. And even observe other people.

Having fantasies should not be a taboo nor do we have to see them with prejudices because otherwise we will limit our sexuality and pleasure. It is time to start imagining and exploring our deepest desires.

Do you dare? Do you have any sexual fantasies? We want to meet you!

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