Los fetiches más comunes

The most common fetishes

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The fetish is an object that achieves or facilitates erotic excitement and the achievement of orgasm. Sexual fetishes are usually much more common than we think. They can help us stimulate ourselves and enjoy our sexual life to the fullest.

There are those who are aroused by certain parts of the body, be it the mouth or the feet, and others who find lingerie, heels, or even spanking irresistible.

Although the word fetish can be a bit intimidating and taboo, it really is a harmless word that many use to enhance their experience and sexual life. Only for those who can only become aroused with a fetish, it could become a pathological disorder. But as a general rule, it is only a manifestation of sexuality in both men and women.

And now that we know what fetishes are, could you say which are the most common? Do you think you have some of them? Let’s discover them! ?


The feet is usually a more common fetish in men than women. Many find it exciting to have beautiful, well-groomed feet that have a soft touch. They are part of the most common fantasies in men.

Shoes fetishes

Among the most common fetishes, which are not part of the body, the so-called altocalciphilia stands out, which is sexual arousal by female footwear, especially if it is high heels. Many men are turned on by having sex with a woman wearing her heels. ?


Piercings, whatever their size, color and material, have become one of the most popular fetishes, especially among the young population. Those that cause the most excitement are piercings on the lips, tongue, navel and nipples.

There are many people who feel attracted just by seeing them and others who like the cold sensation that the metallic object causes when it comes into contact with the skin.

Costumes fetishes

The costumes help turn the sexual encounter into a much more fun time. It helps to get off the beaten path and experiment with different roles within an intimate setting. ♀️


Hair fetishism is quite common in men and is known as trichophilia. There are those who are excited by direct contact with the hair, or by a particular color, hairstyle or style.

Those who like men are often attracted to beards, mustaches, or chest hair.

Leather fetishes

As we have mentioned, there are fetishes that have more to do with the specific material or texture, as in this case leather or latex.

Arousal for leather does not have to be strictly related to sex toys and whips, led by the practice of sadomasochism. Garments as common as leather pants or skirts, or even a sofa, can also generate interest.


Lace lingerie, with transparencies, with different shapes and colors, such as red and black, can be exciting for both men and women. It is for this reason that underwear is among the most common sexual fetishes.

There are those who love that their partner wears some clothes when having sex, to enjoy a much more pleasant experience (stockings, garter belts, bras, threads,…). There are others who experience sexuality in another way as is done here at Secret Panties.

And now that you know what the most common fetishes are, are you attracted to any of these sexual fetishes? Have you shared them with anyone? Although some fetishes may be curious, or you prefer other fetishes, there is no doubt that any of them is a good way to get out of the routine and enjoy our sexuality to the fullest. We want to know what your fetishes are.

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