How to do a good striptease. Bring out your most sensual side!

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Do you want to excite your partner and don’t know what to do? Do you want to add a little excitement to your sexual relations? We have a good proposal: do a striptease! Seeing how your clothes disappear to the rhythm of an erotic dance, will surely be irresistible.

In addition, doing a striptease has more advantages than you can imagine. These advantages are:

  • Improve self confidence
  • More trust or intimacy with your partner or with whom you have a sexual relationship
  • Less complex with your physique
  • Great relaxation after dancing
  • Best sex

After hearing these advantages, which are not few, surely you will be having doubts about how to start or what to do. Don’t worry! Today we are going to tell you some tips or steps to follow to be the king or queen of striptease.

1. Choose the place well and prepare the atmosphere

Spontaneity is cool! But for your striptease to have a better effect, better prepare the environment before. Think about the music, the decoration you want to use (candles, dim lights, where you will sit,…) and the aromas you want to give off (either an incense or a diffuser). You can also incorporate edible oil?.

In the end, what you have to achieve is that all your senses are involved. Striptease is not just about looking.

2. Wear sexy underwear

Choose sexy clothing that is easy to remove. It can be a skirt with a zipper, pumps, a blouse, sexy boxers,… Bet on simplicity rather than something outlandish. It’s foolproof!

For those who dream more of fantasies or that costumes are a fetish, they can also opt for a more original look for the occasion: nurse’s smock, schoolgirl uniform, stewardess, police officer,…

3. Prepare an erotic dance

You don’t have to be a dance expert to pull it off. The word “striptease” comes from the English “strip” (to undress) and “tease” (to excite). That means that during the song you must undress slowly, item by item, in time with the music. The more clothes you have, the longer the striptease will last.

You can practice some hip steps or simple movements, but in the end the most important thing, whatever the dance, is that you show security and confidence. It will go crazy!

The rhythm better be slow, with sensual chords. An inescapable: “You can leave your hat” by Joe Cocker (striptease in the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks”).

​4. Keep eye contact

Action! Dance time! During the dance, look at the eyes of your spectator. Don’t lose your gaze. Take the opportunity to take burning glances at the rhythm of the music. Think about things you like about this person, caress the parts you want to highlight more, and continue without losing eye contact. Send him all the sexual energy you are generating!

5. Have fun

This is the most important! Whatever happens, the important thing is to stay relaxed. It depends on the mood you bring, you can transmit it to them and we don’t want it to spoil. If something doesn’t go as expected, take it with humor. It’s time to enjoy and have a happy ending!

Now that you know the benefits and you know how to succeed. Do you dare to do it?

Or maybe you have already done it? Do you have any more advice? Do we want to meet them?

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