What is feet fetishism?

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Feet fetish is a paraphilia known as podophilia, it is more common in men and is based on being attracted to female feet.

Feet fetishists become sexually aroused by seeing, touching, stroking, sucking, licking, massaging, kissing, and smelling the feet of others. In the BDSM variant of this fetish, the feet can also be punished for sexual purposes.

The feetjob

The footjob is the action of masturbating a male member with the feet, a practice that became known through the world of porn. It is done just like a straw but instead of your hands you use them at all times, therefore, to master the technique you will need practice and a lot of patience. Keep in mind that you can use any part of your body in an erotic way. Try it! We invite you to try it with your partner…

The shoe and feet fetish

Just as there is a fetish for lingerie such as panties, thongs, stockings, there is also a fetish for the footwear that accompanies the feet where this footwear is comparable to all types of lingerie because for fetishists everything that accompanies them is erotic and they can use it both on themselves or for purely carnal purposes.

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Tips for your feet fetishism

  • Hygiene is important.
  • Use the toying with your feet as another form of seduction before penetration.
  • Don’t be ashamed, use them to tinker with your company.
  • Perform massages with them or receive them.

Feet fetish in history

Chinese men worshiped small feet, considering it a desirable and attractive trait when choosing a wife. For this reason, the girls’ feet were bandaged so that the bone would not grow, forcing them to be too careful with the area and many times they developed difficulties walking.

Lower-class girls couldn’t do it because it prevented them from working by turning little boys into symbols of wealth and class. In addition, it prevented women from going too far from home because they couldn’t walk long distances by giving their husbands control.

Currently this tradition fell into disuse and the girls have stopped dying from the medical complications that this type of mutilation generated.

You can find more information about the different paraphilias in our blog and interviews with the vendors.

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