How to adjust the visibility of your content?

How to adjust the visibility of your content?

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Did you know that in Secret Panties you can select who sees your content? In this way, you can make it public to generate curiosity about your content and make yourself known. On the contrary, limit it to those who pay your subscription to make it exclusive for them and have more interests in your content. Furthermore, this will not only intrigue buyers who will agree to pay that price, but it will also make them feel like they are paying for something more exclusive. Here you will find the steps to adjust the visibility of your content:

  1. Upload your products or content to the store.
  2. Adjust the privacy settings of your posts. As the person who created the post, it will appear normal to you, but you can adjust it so that it appears blurry to those who are not your subscribers. To do so, there is a visibility section in the publication, you just have to go to that section and select the option “Only my subscribers can see this”. This way, only those who have paid for the subscription will be able to see your content.
How to adjust the visibility of your content in Secret Panties

Some tips

Now you know how to adjust the visibility of your content, but a couple of tips for your posts:

  1. Be consistent with your posts. Post regularly to keep your audience engaged and up to date. If you don’t post regularly, you may lose followers and subscribers as interest grows in other profiles that do appear on the wall.
  2. Use keywords like “women in lingerie” or “girl in thong” to differentiate buyers and attract the right audience, ensuring that only those interested in this type of content see your posts. In this way, buyers will feel that your content is the most appropriate to their tastes.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to adjust the visibility of your content and ensure that only those you choose see it. Remember that it is important to keep an interested and updated audience to increase your sales and profits.

Good luck in Secret Panties!

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