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Interview with Valentinapx95

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In today’s interview we decided to contact Valentinapx95. Valentina is a young girl with long brown hair, blue eyes, and a slim waist. She loves to fantasize, experiment and make the most of her sexuality. She is open to everything and considers herself a girl with many fetishes, she is also passionate about lingerie… For this reason she is here in the perfect place to live this experience. Let’s see what Valentinapx95 tells us.

Interview Valentinapx95

When did you decide to join Secret Panties? Why and what did you expect to discover?

I decided to enter the web during the quarantine, it is something that had always caught my attention and I was very curious to try. In that period of having so much free time, the idea came to me again so I decided to jump into the pool of the fetishes. But what I did not imagine at all is the load of new fetishes that I would discover and that I would stay in this world without hesitation.

How long have you been in Secret Panties as Valentinapx95? How do you see yourself in a few months?

I’m just going to turn one year in Secret Panties. A year that has been like a surprise box, despite the negative of the pandemic I like to take the positive side of it. One of the things that I include is the discovery of my most fetishist and playful side. I started out of simple curiosity and the desire to kill the bug. However, I stay because it has been a continuous vice for me, it has given me spark and has awakened my most morbid sides.

Therefore, in a few months I continue to see myself rising on the ship and for a long time… Improving as a salesperson, having good vibes with my colleagues and making everyone who wants to try me enjoy.

What are you like outside of Secret Panties? And how do you combine this?

I am a very friendly, funny person and a bit of a crazy goat, I always have a smile on my face, but what most people do not imagine is that behind that good girl smile is hidden this exciting side…

I love traveling, dancing, meeting people, any type of plan… I’m in for a bombing.

I am usually very busy, I study and work, but in any space I go to the web to say hello, answer messages and chat a little, it is a moment of disconnection. When I get an order I am usually quite quick to deliver it, I don’t like to keep waiting for that succulent delicacy, I organize myself as best as possible but I always ask for patience, for things to go well you have to take your time and I always offer quality to the thousand per thousand.

What has Secret Panties changed in your daily life or in your personal life?

I have discovered that I am much more vicious than I already knew. I try a new fetish, a new fetish that I become addicted to, so my life has become a world of constant morbidity, since I am always connected to the game of seduce… It may be that I am at work but I know that this droplet that has come out of me and goes directly to that panties will soon reach someone who will enjoy my smell. I writhe with pleasure, that is why I am always connected and excited.

My sexual life with my partner has also reached the peak of pleasure. We have discovered many new things thanks to everyone and I am sure that I still have a lot to try.

In addition to the joy that having this secret gives me, it’s impressive to think that no one imagines that I have this fetishist, demanding and kinky side.

Do you share this experience with your friends or family? Do they know you are on our platform?

Yes, my sister and my partner know about this. The truth is that everything is an advantage and I love sharing it with them since they help in every way. My partner makes videos with me. This gives me a greater range of services to offer and apart from that, why lie, we love to do
these little things, makes us a lot.

But the most important thing for me is that I can let off steam and tell them everything about this. The good news is that it is a lot and I never stop surprising you with my experiences, but especially when you have a bad experience, because above all we are people and sometimes buyers forget.

Valentinapx95, what are the products that you usually sell or that they usually ask for?

Lingerie lovers are always present with me, I have a lot of variety because I love underwear. I also have to admit that my essence is quite addictive and whoever tries it repeats, that’s why I might choose it as my “star” product.

Although the truth is that right now with the pandemic a lot of digital content is being sold, both sexting and videos or photos. I honestly love these services because you create a connection with the client, trying to understand their tastes to hit the nail on the head, I enjoy a lot above all When things are personalized because I know they are unique for your enjoyment, I always do it with the highest possible quality and care.

How do you like buyers to be?

I like that they are people who know that they are dealing with people, we are not machines and I am sure that most of the girls think like me. We have life after this, so I like to deal with buyers who value us, respect us, are understanding, polite and that they don’t waste our time because it’s something that can’t be recovered and of course they have a spark and are kinky since between the two of us we’re going to have our own secret full of lust.

And here ends the interview of Valentinapx95, but she awaits you on her profile!

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