Entrevista Mr.Banks

Interview with Mr. Banks

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After several interviews with sellers, we wanted to start a new section of interviews with buyers. Because we also care about them and we want to get to know them a little more. In addition, we want both sellers and potential future buyers to know first-hand what he is like and what the experience of a buyer at Secret Panties has been like. For this reason, today we interview Mr.Banks! Let’s see what it tells us.

Interview with Mr. Banks

What would you highlight about yourself Mr.Banks? How do you define yourself? Introduce yourself and say why you think they should meet you.

Hello, at Secret Panties my name is Mr.Banks. I am honest, and I do not like injustices.

Also I consider myself a serious, elegant fetishist with not unusual tastes. I like the femininity of a woman and that she is elegant and very kinky at the same time.
I’m over forty-five years old and under fifty-five years old, I have other hobbies, apart from fetishism, and it’s been many years since I discovered this world, I’ve also been away for a while, I think it’s good to get away from time to time,

When did you decide to join Secret Panties? Why and what did you expect to discover?

I was in Secret Panties in a first stage in 2015 or 2016, I disappeared and I re-registered approximately two years ago. I find it very funny and very morbid.

When I registered again, it was because I wanted to go back again and see if there were vendors who could contribute something new.

The feeling of asking for something from an unknown woman, who could be the neighbor from the house, or the bakery clerk, that is priceless, well if it is, that is called morbidity and eroticism in another dimension, I think the Buyers look for that, eroticism on another level. The saleswomen have to be very patient with the buyers, we are sometimes very tiresome, and I think that is not my case. This is very easy: you speak, ask, pay and receive. I have a motto that is very illustrative: Without pasta there is no pleasure, (I say it in a fine way).

How has your experience at Secret Panties been so far?

The experience at Secret Panties has been very good, I have no problems with the saleswomen, they always surprise me with something new.
By the way, I respect all the filias, but some I don’t understand. You always discover that there are new “things”, some leave me very surprised.

How would you define your experience in 4 words?

Elegance, curiosity, surprise, beauty

Have you talked or mentioned Secret Panties to people close to you, Mr.Banks?

I am very discreet, in these matters, this is exclusive to my personal sphere. No one around me knows Mr.Banks.

What do you like best to buy at Secret Panties?

I like tangible things that can be touched: clothes, shoes. Some video from time to time, but it is not very common. Mainly clothes, and since I ask for it, that is between me and the seller. All saleswomen are different, no two are the same, they all have their own style and way of doing things.

How do you like the sellers to be?

I like girls, I find that they are wonderful, they have their own personality, they have their character, you have to know how to treat them politely and with good manners. Above all, I look for them to surprise me, I think that all saleswomen have to have their opportunities to sell, they have to find their audience and specialize in some characteristic that makes them special for their buyers. When I say characteristic, I mean a particular fetish.

How do you decide who to buy from?

I look at their profiles, and if I see something that interests me I ask for it. I can also ask for things that are not on their profile, it’s just a matter of asking and above all, not making the saleswoman dizzy, time is money. It can also happen that they already know my tastes and offer me things, and then I can decide. It is a matter of speaking. Speaking the people understand.

Tell us a funny or curious anecdote in Secret Panties.

In all these years, many things have happened to me, some very funny and some not so much. Above all, in hand deliveries is when very funny things happen, I am a person of principles, and some things I do not consider. On one occasion I met a saleswoman in a bakery. The arrangement of the bathroom gave rise to a morbid and very funny situation, because the lady gave me the garment in the bakery corridor, with the danger of someone seeing us… (I leave it to the reader’s imagination) .

What has caught your attention the most in the world of fetishes? What do you like the most?

Everything related to eschatology catches my attention, I respect it, but it surprises me a lot. That all the girls are beautiful
you have to discover what they hide, a woman dressed in a bra and panties can be more suggestive than totally naked. That is called eroticism, fetishism seeks sex on another level. I think that sellers and buyers are on another level.

Would you like to explain something else, Mr.Banks?

Finally, buyers are not weirdos, we only see fetishism as another way to develop sexuality, some may be rejected or may not understand us, they would have to open their minds and discover this world. By the way, the saleswomen don’t bite, you just have to treat them with respect and education, and don’t make them dizzy, they don’t deserve it. Ask, pay and receive. And that is very easy.

And one more thing, that the saleswomen don’t discuss each other in the chat, it doesn’t look good.

We hope the interview with Mr.Banks has been useful and he awaits you at Secret Panties! You can also find interviews with our saleswomen.

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