SweetPaula Interview

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Today you can enjoy the SweetPaula interview, a very sweet and playful Andalusian curvy. She is very morbid about selling her fetishes and chatting with whoever buys them… In the following interview you will be able to learn things about her that surely she had not told you before. Do you want to find out?

SweetPaula Interview

What would you highlight about yourself? How do you define yourself? Introduce yourself and say why you think they should meet you.

Hello! My name is Paula and I am 23 years old, I define myself as a nice, cheerful, funny woman and above all with a positive mind. Other traits that define me are talkative, curious, smiling, sometimes scandalous, but always with a smile on my face. My personality goes according to the place where I live, my dear South, warm and close. The life here is lived slowly but surely, and there is always a fun plan to do.

The morbidity and flirting also freak me out, I miss going out to the disco or meeting guys on the street, that first exchange of glances, the fooling around, the mischievous questions, the well-matched dances… And that’s one of the things that attracted me to Secret Panties. Being able to have the opportunity to have contact with unknown people. Specially when each of them contains a new world to discover, both in ways of thinking and around sexuality.

What are you like outside of Secret Panties? And how do you combine this?

Outside and inside secret it’s me, my attitude doesn’t change. I’m a very close person, and from the first moment with a client my attitude is as if there was already established trust, I feel comfortable doing what I do, and I think that is the most important thing. I also find that this helps buyers relax and have a better time than if I were to stick to a role and a script to follow, and in the end it gets you hooked. Because in the end you don’t just sell your body, but also a personality and a way of being. I’m a university student right now, so it’s not hard for me to combine secret with my day to day. What’s more, it’s an escape route to relax, chat and have fun.

How has your experience at Secret Panties been so far?

Incredible, I have discovered things that I would never have imagined I would like. For instance, domination, the fact that a person goes out of their way for me and does everything I want, hooks me. I am also very cool to see a client enjoy something of mine, mainly panties or a video. I love that they send me feedback (a video, for example), in which I see how they are enjoying it with something of mine, touching or listen to how that person moans… ugh. I’m also lucky that when I want to… mmm… ”have fun”, I can use secret panties and do it with a client, which is always more fun and kinky than doing it alone.

Do you share this experience with your friends or family? Do they know you are on our platform?

My relatives do not know it, my friends and acquaintances do, the truth is that it is not something that I hide. If they ask me what I do, I answer that studies and eroticism and morbidity. I love talking about my secret experience, the new things I’ve discovered, the fetishes, what I like…

What are the products that you usually sell or that you usually ask for?

I literally sell everything, from digital content to hand delivery, but to sell I think sexting and video calls, many of them domination (I really love it) as well as panties. One thing that I really like to sell are personalized packs, it consists of a shoe box, where, according to what I have spoken with the buyer, I put different things, I have a lot of imagination for details and I love doing things exclusively for one person .

How do you like buyers to be?

I like that they are polite, that they don’t waste my time, and in a way, I like that they are a bit dirty. I like that they make me horny, that they play with me and my mind, that they surprise me with new things or that they have a fun personality. This helps me pay the rent but if I didn’t like it, it’s true that I wouldn’t do it.

To dedicate yourself to the sale of this type of thing is that you have to have a “vocation” so to speak, and have a good time yourself because if you don’t I think it doesn’t make sense. I also like buyers who send me content too. That is to say, it is not the same to get turned on during a sexting when they send you videos or photos than when they don’t, it makes me very excited to see!

Tell us a funny or curious anecdote in Secret Panties.

I remember when I started (I’ve been around 6 months now) there were millions of things related to sex that I had no idea what they were. Clients said super technical words for me, that I had to look at Google to find out what they were asking me for, such as ”copro”, ”looner”, ”scat”, ”assholewinking”… and many more related to specific tastes in terms of humiliation, and I thought… oh my gosh, I thought I knew about sex and it turns out that I didn’t know even 10% of this world hahaha.

Would you like to explain something else?

Yes, I want to thank Secret Panties so much for offering us a platform where we can have fun and earn money on top of that. Like all the guys who have passed through me and have given me a good time, a time of laughter, sex, morbidity and confidence in privacy. I hope to be able to continue with this much longer. And also continue to meet and share moments with extraordinary and open-minded people, sweet kisses, my love!

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