Used masks – New fetish in Secret Panties

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With the arrival of the pandemic, a new fetish also arrived: masks with a vaginal odor. In the new normality everything is possible, today we can expect that someone’s mask that we see was first used by someone else… And why are these masks so successful? Very simple, for fetishists it is like being ecstatic when feeling this smell directly and as we already know, the vaginal odor usually lasts a long time so it is a real pleasure for people who wear these masks all day.

What is this practice based on?

As the Yasss news portal explains: “It is based on a girl using the mask as a panty liner and then sending it to the buyer.” The world of fetishism is continually evolving and offers the most everyday objects without problem, adapting to new business opportunities.

Sell masks at Secret Panties

Dare to offer this product for which you can earn between 15 and 30 euros without any problem. Remember, the more time you use, the more money you can get…

Do not be surprised by this practice, it is very common to feel attracted to strong odors that you associate with something sexual, urine, sweat, feces, semen… That is why there is such a demand in the used panties market. This is what a saleswoman says to the new code portal: “imagine going through the aisles of a supermarket and enjoying my intimate aroma. I make the nicest face masks in the world. It’s like a little secret that only they know and this makes it risky and fun.

What are you waiting for to be you? All you need are masks and a great desire to start. You can consult our blog to continue informing you about the fetishes that you can sell or how to receive money safely and anonymously. There are also interviews, tips, news and more articles that may interest you about the world of Secret Panties.